Dedicated to teaching all levels of Hunter/Jumper Riders
Loyola Academy Equestrian Association


The Loyola Academy Equestrian Association (LAEA) believes that commitment, dedication and a love of horses are more important than ability. We have an emphasis on learning, sportsmanship and fun. Riders of all levels are welcome!


The Base Fee for LAEA is $400/semesterThis fee covers clinics, activities & horse equipment. It also helps in a small way with the overhead costs of the LAEA Horse, Buddy. In addition to this Base Fee, members are required to take one lesson each week at Glen Grove Equestrian Center ($40) with our trainer, Sara Janik. It is the responsibility of each member to show up for a lesson at least a half-hour prior to the start of each lesson, in order for proper grooming and tacking of the horse. If a member cannot make a lesson for any reason they must notify the instructor, Sara Janik, at least twenty-four hours in advance. Students who own their own horse, or who share board, will have a Base Fee requirement of $200/semester, which will enable them to participate in the clinics, and activities. It will also help to contribute to the costs of the LAEA horses: Buddy and Savannah. They will not be required to take one lesson each week at Glen Grove Equestrian Center if they are already working with another trainer at their stables.



LAEA Members are required to take one lesson a week at Glen Grove Equestrian Center with Sarah Janik, our Loyola Academy Equestrian Association trainer.


LAEA Members are required to help with the care of the LAEA Horse. In exchange for the care of our horse, each student will receive a “free ride” each week, where they will have the opportunity to ride on their own, and practice the skills they are learning in their lessons. Glen Grove Equestrian Center offers more than 15 lesson horses, besides Buddy, that are available for our students to ride. FOR THEIR SAFETY, STUDENTS ARE PLACED ON HORSES BASED ON THEIR RIDING LEVEL. Our trainer Sara Janik will determine appropriate placement.


The attire listed is for your safety. ASTM approved helmet that fits securely with your hair secured underneath Jeans and half chaps or full chaps with paddock boots, or breeches and boots Boots must be worn at all times when working around the horses.

Moderator: Selina McGuire (847) 920-2512

Sara Janik